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Smarty Again This is our Who We Are page

Who is SmartyCat?

SmartyCat Productions is part of LBK Media, a division of LBK Wink LLC. Like our parent company, we are dedicated to the people and organizations who better the lives of our animal companions.

SmartyCat Trivia is a Feline take on Quiz Night. It's a fun, interactive quiz show, full of Cat-themed questions. Not just Cat Facts, we'll test your knowledge of Art, History, Science, TV & Film, and MORE!

Created by a Cat loving, Jeopardy watching, technology consultant with a liberal arts degree, Trivia for Cats is a fast-paced, expertly crafted, romp through Feline and human esoterica. Not too easy, not too hard, and fun for everyone!

Founded in 2021, SmartyCat Productions was inspired by our favorite Felines: Archie, Veronica, and Jellybean.
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I kind of look like Jellybean!
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These three cats are like the chorus in Greek comedies

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